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Benefits Of Building An ADU in Los Angeles

Benefits Of Building An ADU in Los Angeles 

Would you like to make extra money and create a rental income stream? Or more living space for your family? Maybe a space for your visitors who can’t be accommodated inside the main home? You can do these things if you create an ADU, (an Accessory Dwelling Unit) an extension to, or a separate small building,  on your property that is often called a granny flat or a second unit.

Building an ADU in Los Angeles has many benefits.

Perhaps the most obvious and easiest granny flat to make  is to perform a garage conversion. You already have the building, it is conveniently located and the costs are a lot less than putting up new construction. And sometimes we get so used to seeing our garage filled with nothing but bits and pieces and maybe even a car that is rarely parked in there, that we forget that it is a prime piece of real estate just begging for upgrading and utilizing. And maybe making money out of.

Any garage conversion you undertake can be as impressive or as modest as you want to make it and as your budget allows. Gone are the days when the granny flat is little more than a fancy sleep out.

The phrase granny flat is perhaps a bit unfortunate for this sort of dwelling unit. What about the teenage family member who is desperate for their own space? Or a student who wants basic accommodation at an affordable price? And, of course, for when granny comes to stay. Some people even maximize the return on a garage conversion to a granny flat by living in it themselves and renting out their main home. Not suitable for everyone, perhaps, it is another option.

Nowadays, organizations like Airbnb make it easy to have short term stays possible for tourists, business people and those on a short term layover. It’s another revenue avenue that is gaining in popularity and is a hassle-free option.

In Los Angeles nowadays  there is a  lot of flexibility both with regulations and designs,
the building of granny flats is something is welcomed and encouraged. There are rules, of course, relating to cooking facilities and hygiene etc., but generally the city and county authorities aren’t in a negative frame of mind when applications for AUDs, granny flats or second units are made..

 Conversion plans for your garage can range from the basic to the eye poppingly elaborate, it all depends on your needs, your flair and your budget. But It is best to get a specialized contractor for this sort of work – what appears easy at first glance can be heartbreakingly difficult for the unskilled. Contractors have experience and, more often than not, can spot potential problems from the get go and alert you to them.

But even the most simple process in the building world can be a bit daunting to the uninitiated, so it is best to research your project first. In Los Angeles there are companies that specialize in this field, offering advice and practical help, both of which will save you both time and money. But the contractor of your choice may well be able and willing to help you with the initial stages and first steps.

Whichever path you take to the final turning of the key in the door of  your granny flat or teenage retreat or rental income maker, it’s important to understand that, as projects go in the construction world, garage conversions can be relatively easy and painless. All you need is vision, a bit of common sense and a plan. We all need a plan.

So, an AUD, an Accessory Dwelling Unit –  a granny flat or second unit in ordinary English – is something that is easy to imagine and conceive, easy to apply for in Los Angeles and, with the right contractor, is easy to create as a  valuable addition to your home.

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Benefits Of Building An ADU in Los Angeles

Benefits Of Building An ADU in Los Angeles  Would you like to make extra money and create a rental income stream? Or more living space...