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Have you ever longed for a cool hangout spot or a personal haven only a couple of steps from your main house? Say, in your garage? Well, You're in luck. With the help of the recently passed state law, Senate Bill No. 1069, property owners in California are now in a position to legally transform their garages into smaller second homes.
For a Los Angeles resident to have the ability to appropriately do a garageconversion, he or she should meet a couple of straightforward requirements. These homes must be situated about one and a half mile from open transportation. It must not exceed 1,200 square feet or be more than five feet from the property line. A garage conversion can be a source of residual income but is in most cases overlooked by homeowners. Many of these home owners think they need to park their car in the garage, but the reality is that most homeowners rarely park their vehicles inside the garage. With rental costs soaring high as a result of the lack of new housing units, this bill was passed to enable full replenishment of supply. People who attempt moving into the city experience considerable difficulties getting a place at a decent cost. With this new bill, garage conversions will now be without hassle and quick, converting garages into units that can be leased off as low-salary housing alternatives for residents.
The recently passed Senate bill most definitely makes the process easier to add optional living units on your property, but this still needs to fall into a few basic requirements as already mentioned above.

 It’s definitely no secret that renting expenses in Los Angeles are one of the highest in the U.S. making it a nightmare, particularly for twenty to thirty-year olds to find a decent pad at an affordable price. As a result, state lawmakers formulated a bill that eases the problems of creating a secondary dwelling unit, now called ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units), within your home's property. The idea is that you can rent these newly fabricated extra living spaces at a lower cost, making it more open for new LA residents to find a home. Faced with the above-mentioned issue, the Bill encourages and simplifies each step of the procedure to create these ADUs in your home. ADUs have been identified by the State as providing a vital alternative housing to both potential leaseholders and property owners. They usually cost less than various other kinds of housing, provide convenient housing to relatives, help ease an extreme rental housing deficit, maximize limited land resources and existing infrastructure, and help property owners with residual income.

For what reason would I need to convert my garage?
One has to be aware of the city's initiative to bring down the cost of renting alternatives and encouraging secondary living units. Here are a few reasons why a garage conversion is a wise choice for your family.

  1. Financial: You are already parking your car outside and need to make some additional money while raising your property's value, an apartment suite to rent out is a great alternative. Los Angeles is one of the most entrepreneurial areas in the nation, which implies that there are always new Americans moving to this lovely region in their quest for new financial opportunities. This sudden influx of new occupants gives a great chance to make some additional income from land. Furthermore, the good news is that you don't need to buy a flat to rent, you can convert your garage into one for around ten times less the cost of buying one.
  2. Family Housing: There are numerous reasons why an apartment suite or an additional room in your home could prove really valuable when family comes to visit. There is a myriad of examples for this case. Also, having this space in your garage will keep your home's privacy while having relatives close enough to appreciate the visit. Let's be realistic; even family visits require a lot of understanding, so having them in an ADU is a reasonable option. But if we consider hotel valuation, this ADU could be seen as being extremely lucrative if it is offered on platforms like AirBnb. Whether it is a nephew who will go to school in Los Angeles, your relative moving in, or Christmas gatherings, having your friends and family stay in your recently converted garage gives both of you improved security and more peace.
  3. Recreation Space: Everyone needs a man cave, and each family needs a large play-room. Various families may wish to have a completely loaded gym in each case; you would need to appropriate an existing space of your home while converting your garage into any of these won't just make that space more valuable but will also leave your home untouched. Regardless of intention, if you are looking for more space for various activities in your home, why not think about a garage conversion? Keep in mind, a home renovation, and particularly a carport transformation is only restricted by your creativity and your financial plan, but the possibilities of what you can do in that space are infinite. 
  4. Financial plan: Budget appropriation and distribution are crucial for the aim of converting your garage into an ADU. Nobody knows better than yourself the amount of money you can set aside for your garage conversion; in any case, it is always advisable to have a specialist evaluate how to assign better your budget.

Another factor that will modify your final cost is the fact that your new ADU will come with electric lines, water lines, and gas lines introduced; since this is particularly valid for an apartment suite conversion, where you will introduce another kitchen and restroom, driving up your price, but also your property's value. As with every rebuilding project, it is advisable to assign a contingency budget which will be 10%-15% of your total budget. Doing such will have you insured for any construction surprises that you may encounter all through your conversion.
e. Design Considerations: Garage conversions are great, but they present a challenge that most home expansions don`t. It is necessary, for a successful garage conversion, that your result resembles a normal part of your home and less like a converted garage. There are specific design considerations that you can't stand to overlook.
1. Exterior: You don't need your recently converted garage to stand out like a sore thumb in contrast with other parts of your home. You need to ensure that your brickwork, concrete, windows, and doors match those of the existing house and its existing exterior materials.
2. Floor Levels: In many cases, the garage's floor level is dissimilar to whatever is left of the house. So you need to refrain from stepping down to gain access to your newly converted space. If you need to do so, you need to make sure that it is done normally and that it doesn't affect the overall design.
f. Access: Garages are intended to fit cars and to provide easy access to the house. Thus, the arrangement of the doors is essential for your new conversion. Going with the current entry is usually the most stress-free approach, however not necessarily the best option. Your contractor shouldn't encourage you to run with the most direct option but the most functional. It always better to go with where the perfect position for the door would be. You wouldn't want to wind up with an awkwardly positioned door. 

g. Room Proportions: The extent of your new garage conversion is irrefutably one of the main challenges in the accomplishment of your task. Garages usually have an expansive square shape as floorplan, and if you need to make a flat, you need to position the kitchen and washroom strategically in order to get the best to out of your area. Furniture planning will also determine how your new space will look.
Considering storage is essential to the success of your conversion. Where are you going to store existing accessories and materials your garage? It is better not to end up with a beautifully converted garage and a packed and clustered home!
h. Natural Daylight: Garages are extremely dull spaces inside your home, so including windows is an absolute necessity! Think about your Lot's layout, because if your back wall faces your garden, adding a floor-to-ceiling window would be an attractive choice to gain some sunlight and give your conversion a more spacious appearance.
Here are a few essentials you will need for the ideal garage conversion:
1. Permits
2. Windows
3. Ventilation
4. Electricity and Plumbing
It is also crucial to have the right construction team do this job for you. A garage conversion isn't a do-it-yourself type of job. It involves building permits, complex piping and electrical work, and in most cases a total strip down of the existing building. You need to link up with a group of experts that will have the capacity to deal with the inconveniences of such a job. Having one team in charge of your permits, design, architecture, and development will speed up the entire procedure and shield you from any extra expenses.

In the present-day expensive Los Angeles, garage conversions are a lucrative opportunity for home owners to increase their property's value and the comfort of their home. Take advantage of the Senate Bill 1069 and transform your garage into your dream living space or into a rentable ADU.
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